Opening and welcome Opening and welcome
Introduction of exchange students Introduction of exchange students at
Kwassui who support the program
Orientation Orientation


We welcome students who are interested in Japan and want to
improve their Japanese, from beginners to fluent speakers.
The two-week program is usually run during the first two weeks in July.
It’s a great chance to meet Japanese students and students from
other countries who are interested in Japan, and if you are
considering study abroad in Japan, this is the perfect way to see if
you like Nagasaki and if Kwassui is the place for you!
The pictures below show the content of a previous program,
and you can download further information.

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With advice from our Japanese teachers at all stages, participants in the program decide a
topic to investigate, talk to Japanese people to get information, and present their findings in
a poster session.

Culture classes: Making decorations for the Tanabata
Festival (July 7th) and listening to a lecture about Japanese

Flower arranging – wearing Japanese kimono

Flower arranging Flower arranging Flower arranging

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony Tea ceremony Tea ceremony
Japanese food tastes Japanese food tastes even better when
enjoyed with new friends
Optional Tour Optional Tour
A foot spa helps everyone relax A foot spa helps everyone relax