Services and Special Academic Programs for
International Students

Services for International

Financial:- There is a 50% reduction
in tuition fees for international students
who are not entering through a
one-for-one exchange program, in
accordance with Kwassui regulations.
Other scholarships may be available
on a competitive basis.

Academic and general support:-
The International Student Exchange
Center functions to provide support for
international students in both daily life
and university life. Individual tutoring by
Japanese students can be arranged
for international students.

Housing:- The Student Residence
Hall (Nankoryo) is a 10-storey building
for 106 students on the Shinto-machi
campus. There is a free bus service
between this campus and the
Higashi-Yamate campus. Both
Japanese and international students
can live in Nankoryo. Rooms are
Western-style twin arrangement.,but
single rooms may be available at an
additional cost.

Special Academic Programs
for International Students

Kwassui provides a
Japanese Language Program for
international students through the
International Student Exchange Center.
There are five steps to the Japanese
Language Program, with a Preliminary
Level and Levels I-IV. This Japanese
language program is not limited to
preparation for regular university
classes and supplementary lessons,
but seeks to improve students’ overall
practical Japanese ability. We aim to
produce people who can use
Japanese to conduct business.
Students learn about the society and
culture which form the setting for
Japanese as well as studying the
language itself, and so improve their
Japanese ability. Students are given
support to gain practical Japanese
skills and to increase their powers of
Japanese literacy. Students can also take
Regular University Classes
if they have sufficient
Japanese language ability,
and we provide
Classes about Japan taught
in English:

・Nagasaki and Peace Ⅰ
・Nagasaki and Peace Ⅱ
・Nagasaki Culture and History
・Japanese Language Culture
・Japanese Culture Studies
・Asian Cross-Cultural Studies
・Japan in English Media
・Current Perspectives in
Japanese Studies

For application as a regular degree program student or third year transfer student, please
contact the International Student Exchange Center for information.