Library (No. 2 Building)

The main offices and support
services of Kwassui are located on
the Higashi Yamate campus.
General Education classes are held
here, and all students meet for
Chapel Hour on this campus once a
week. There are free bus services
between Higashi Yamate and the
other campuses.

Main chapel (Main Building)
Student Lounge (No. 2 Building)
Small Chapel (Main Building)
Book store (Main Building)
Student cafeteria
Practical class facilities
(No. 1 Building)
Practice rooms
(No. 5 Building)

There are facilities on this campus
for Department of Music (No. 1
Building) and the Department of
Nutrition (No. 2 Building). The
Nankoryo student residence is
also here.

Student lounge (No. 1 Building)

Chapel (No. 2 Building)
Bus between campuses
Large classroom (No. 1 Building)
Concert Hall (No. 1 Building)
Library (No. 2 Building)
The campus of the Faculty of Nursing


Student residence Dining room
Residence life
Student Lounge
Chapel and pipe organ