Reaching Kwassui Women’s University
Higashi Yamate Main Campus by public transport

From JR Nagasaki Station / Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus Terminal

By streetcar (about 15 minutes)

Take the No.1 street car from Nagasaki Station to Shinchi Chinatown.
Then either walk for 10 minutes, or ask for a
transfer ticket, change to the No.5 line, and get off at
Medical Center. The main campus is a 5-minute walk from
the stop.

No.1 lineNagasaki Station
Shinchi Chinatown (transfer)
No.5 lineShinchi Chinatown
Medical Center

By bus (about 15 minutes)

Take a No.30 Nagasaki Bus from the JR
Nagasaki-eki minami-guchi stop. Get off at the
Medical Center stop. The main campus is a
4-minute walk from the stop.

No.30 busNagasaki-ekimae minami-guchi
Nagasaki Shinchi Terminal
Medical Center

By taxi (about 7 minutes)

Taxis are readily available outside both the JR Nagasaki
Station and the Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus Terminal

From Nagasaki Airport

A limousine bus runs from just outside the airport terminal
building into the city every 20-30 minutes, and takes
about 35 minutes to the Nagasaki Shinchi bus stop.
The main campus is a 10-minute walk from the stop.

From Fukuoka Airport

A limousine bus runs from the Fukuoka Airport
International Terminal to Nagasaki about once an hour,
taking around 2 hours 20 minutes to the Nagasaki Ken-ei
Bus Terminal opposite JR Nagasaki Station. Then follow
the directions above.